What is CMS (Content Management System) and why it is important for SEO & website promotion?

CMS or content management system is an application that you can install on your site to assist you in managing your content. From the CMS, you can write your post, publish it, save in draft or schedule it. Every edit you make will be saved to history so that you can restore the old post if you want. You can use themes from a built-in library or edit the source code through the CMS platform to change how your website looks. There are many types of CMS tools but only a few like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla are being used by the majority. The following are 11 ways how CMS can help you in ranking for the search result and getting quality traffic.

  1. SEO Optimized Themes

CMS has a lot of free SEO optimized themes that you can use to build any website. These themes are contributed by the users. The free themes are designed with the professional look to give your visitors a good impression. An SEO optimized theme has proper HTML markup.

  1. Simplify Repetitive SEO Chores

CMS offers a lot of plugins to simplify the repetitive SEO chores. You will never have any broken link anymore when you use CMS. The CMS will make sure all the posts you created are linked properly and accessible. It offers a fast and easy way for you to create human-readable URL, insert inbound links, and add title and Meta description for each post. Two of the most important SEO plugins are Yoast SEO and All-in-One SEO Pack. Yoast SEO can analyze your post and give you suggestion on how to improve it for SEO.

  1. Create Optimized XML Sitemap

CMS lets you conveniently create an XML sitemap. Every time you add a post, it will automatically be included in the XML sitemap. The XML sitemap is a list of links to all the posts on your site that help you to get crawled fast. Through XML sitemap, the search engine can understand the content better and the hierarchy of the links in your site. A sitemap is especially important for sites that are large. You can easily set up a sitemap by installing a plugin like Google XML Sitemaps.

  1. Turnaround Fresh Content for Your Blog Fast

CMS has a powerful text editor that let you write a new post to update your blog fast. The WYSIWYG is equipped with all the basic text formatting features. You can install a plugin to expand the functionality of the WYSIWYG editor. Search engines like sites that are updated frequently so being able to update your site with new posts will help it to rank better.

  1. Add Headline Tags to the Post

The WYSIWYG editor allows you to add headline tags to important content in the post. Heading tags can help to improve the readability by making a word bolder and more easily noticeable. It also helps in improving search engine visibility as it stresses the importance of the phrase in relation to the content.

  1. Optimize Your Robots Text

CMS allows you to maintain an SEO optimized robots text. The robots text tells the search engine what link to crawl and what link not to crawl. In the robots text, you can specify the search engine to not crawl low-quality pages in categories and tag pages. Plugins like Yoast SEO and WP Robots Txt let you easily edit your robots text from the admin area.

  1. Optimized Your Images for SEO

CMS allows you to add optimized images to your site. You not only can add image and video to your post but you can also optimize them with alt tags and descriptions. You can use the image compression plugins to compress and scale down your image to the reasonable size so that your page can load faster.

  1. Set Up a Site with Intuitive Navigation

CMS helps you to design a website with intuitive navigation. A good navigation can improve the user experience and help you to rank better on the web. Setting up an intuitive navigation is important as it affects the amount of time the visitors will stay on your site, and how well the posts on your site get indexed. In the CMS, you can easily make changes to the structure of the navigation on your site.

  1. Build a Fast Loading Site

CMS offers a speed optimization plugin to help you build a fast loading site. Page loading speed is one of the most important factors in SEO optimization. Ideally, your site should load in 2 seconds. If your site takes longer than 5 seconds to load, your visitors may turn away to other sites. You can install speed optimization plugin to increase the speed of your CMS based site. The WP-Optimize plugin allows you to optimize all aspects of your site and fix issues that are slowing down your site’s page loading speed.

  1. Protect Your Site from Hackers

Many popular content management systems have a team that constantly work in improving the CMS to make it more secure. The security of the CMS is important as it prevents your site from getting hacked. If your site gets hacked, it will be hard to get indexed in the search result again. There are also lots of security plugins that you can install to improve the security of your site.

  1. Ability to Integrate Social Media Sharing

Content management systems like WordPress allows you to integrate social media support into your site. You cannot only depend on organic traffic as the search engine regularly implement penalty campaigns which de-rank sites that do not meet the requirements. Social media is an alternative source of high conversion traffic. The search engine also will take into account the performance of your site on the social media sites. If a post gets a lot of social sharing, the search engine will regard the post as high quality and rank it higher in the search result. You can also automatically repost updated post to the social media by using the revive old post plugin.

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