The Unique Benefits of Guest Posting

Guest or Blog Posting Service

If guest posting comes across your head, you are in the right direction to get more traffic to your blog. Guest posting is not as easy as it seems to be, especially if you are a single person that maintains the blog(s) yourself. You will be busy writing articles for your blog(s) and you may face difficulty in finding time to compose a quality guest post.Additionally, you also have to spend the time to find blogs that will accept guest post in your niche. You have to go from one blog to another and email the blog owner/editor. You must know how to pitch your article ideas so that the editor will be eager to let you post that guest post on their site. With a guest posting service, you don't have to spend time on all these chores.

The team at the guest posting company will take care of everything. They may refer to their database which contains an inventory of hundreds of blogs. If you want, they can also search for additional relevant blogs. They have a team of professional writers to write the guest posts to ensure it get accepted. The guest posting company will also help you to promote the guest post and perform all necessary optimizations.


About Guest Posts/ Blogging

Guest posting, also known as guest blogging, involves writing a post and publishing it on a third party blog that accepts guest posts. It is often used as a content marketing technique to achieve several goals include creating awareness to a brand, build backlinks, increase site authority, and build relationship with the blogger.

Backlinks are an important factor to rank well in the search engines. The Guest post looks natural to the search engine. They are not promotional and spammy like posts that are published on the blog networks. Therefore, the search engine will view the link on the guest post as links with better quality. By just having a few guest posts on high authority sites, you will be able to get your site ranked to the desired position in the search result.

Guest posting offers mutual benefits to the publisher and the guest blogger. The publisher benefits from a regular flow of free content. They don't have to spend time writing content as often as they do when they can get free content from guest bloggers. A well-written blog post enables you to demonstrate your knowledge on a topic and increase the trust of your readers. People will keep coming back to your guest post to search for information if it is useful. 

The Unique Benefits of Guest Posting

 1.) Increase Backlinks

You are usually allowed to include one link in the blog post. The value of the backlinks will increase over time and help your blog to rank better on search engines like Google and Bing. You should try to post on a guest blog every now and then so that you can get a good amount of inbound links. Having multiple backlinks from established sites in relevant niches can contribute significantly to the ranking of your blog.

2.) Get Referral Traffic

If you have guest posts on a popular blog, you will surely receive some referral traffic to your blog. This referral traffic can sometimes be valuable in driving product sales and lead generation. You can potentially receive hundreds of targeted visitors within a short span of time. The referral traffic can convert well into sales and increase the ROI of your blog.

3.) Build A Positive Blogger Image

People will start to respect your profession as a blogger when you regularly contribute blog posts on other blogs. Your blog post must be informative and contain some unique points not found in other places. If they find your post informative, they will be more likely to click through the link to learn about your website and products.

4.) Promote Your Brand Name

Guest posting is good for promoting a brand name. You can include your real photo in the author profile picture to establish authority in the guest post.  The brand name should be included in the biography as the biography is the place where people find information about your company and products.

5.) Gain Exposure on the Social Media Account

Often, on a popular guest blog, the owner will help to share your guest posts on his social media so that your website gains more exposure. If your readers find your post interesting, they may also share your guest posts on their social media accounts. Readers who share your guest posts on the social media will also usually be interested to subscribe to your blog.

Google’s Panda and Penguin

Panda and Penguin are the two major campaigns that Google has launched to get rid of poor link building practices. Panda targets sites that use duplicate content to build backlinks, for example, posting the same article to more than one article directories. Just like many other SEO tactics, guest posting has likewise been used as a way to spam and get more links.

Matt Cutts carried out a Google penalty on it through the Panda and Penguin update. After the update, spamming with this tactic no longer work and many article directories have also shut down. Nevertheless, guest posting remains one of the most effective techniques to gain quality inbound links.

You just have to do it right to avoid the penalty. As a rule of thumb, you should never guest post on random blogs as it will get you penalized. Relevancy and regular posting are the keys to increase the values to your guest posts.

Guest blogging on well-established blogs in your niche is the most effective technique to build high-quality inbound links. But keep in mind that many of the top blogs have strict guidelines when coming to approve guest posts. You will have to do a lot of research to write a high-quality article that will get accepted.

A high-quality guest post must be informative and interesting to read in order to engage the audience to take the necessary actions. Submitting a guest post to a well-established site at least once a month will have helped you to gain maximum benefits.

You should take the time to check all the blog posts that you have published on the third party guest posting sites from the start. By checking, you will know whether there is any part of the article that is copied from elsewhere. If you have a lot of inbound links from duplicate articles, you can use the Google disavow tool. Alternatively, you can choose to rewrite these articles and wait for the next update.  You can use the plagiarism checker tool to check whether your article is unique before publishing it on the guest blogging site.

Conclusion: - 

In conclusion, guest posting should be included in every blogger's marketing campaign.  It can be frustrating to get your guest post accepted at a top blog so it is best to just outsource it to a guest posting company. The guest posting company knows the ins and outs of guest posting since they submit guest post every day. You will save yourself a lot of time and energy when you use a guest posting services.

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