How to Improve SEO in 2019: Digital Marketing & Understanding Customers

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has always played a great role in digital marketing. With a developing customer base and all the technological advances, it is not impossible to understand the users’ needs and optimize content accordingly. 2019 is going to be a prospective year for digital marketers, thanks to the growing advances of Artificial Intelligence.

Google is still the most important and looked up to search engine in North America. Using the Rank-Brain technology, it demands websites to optimize in a technically intelligent manner so as to make them more discoverable in its search results. This post will reflect on some of the points that you should consider while digitally promoting your content and business.

Organic search is key to our understanding of the consumer experience

With the advent of digital marketing and its widespread use, the consumer base has evolved a great deal as well. Nowadays, customers are smarter, more alert, and have high expectations from web searches. They are no longer satisfied just by ordinary text-only web search results. They expect the results to be more visual and compelling that can help them decide better.

Moreover, recent trends reveal that no two customer journeys are alike. Google researchers discovered that customers these days scrutinize details more, looking up the web for every possible information before purchasing any product from a business. Not only that, they continue looking for feedbacks and information to feed their experience gap, even after buying the service and/or the product. They like to browse for similar services and products from a rival from online searches, to get the most competitive price for the best product/service.

Undoubtedly these aggressively changing trends demand an equally efficient change in market strategies. Any business now needs to understand its customers at a granular level, to help improve their experience and hence see their products/services better.

The use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has greatly improved data mining, thus helping to collect customer information better and quicker. It is important to ensure that your SEO techniques are helpful to make your website discoverable in AI-driven searches. Of the 60% of companies that planned to use AI in the digital marketing of their content, 31% agreed that this gave them a better understanding of their customer base. While the top-most search result from Google gets 28% of the clicks, the second and third get around 13% and 9% respectively. In this scenario, it is of utmost importance that your content remains visible and discoverable.

Tips for top search performance in 2019

With customer experience and taking advantage of AI-powered search features top of mind, here are a few areas of focus for marketers as we head into the New Year.

Identify your audience personas.

Understanding your audience personas is extremely important when you are looking to optimize your content. This also helps you to distribute and promote the content which is likely to strike a chord with your most potential customers.

Understand your customers to the granular level.
Granularity is what you should consider while you try to better customer experiences. Try to examine the minuscule details of customer behaviours and divide them into different buckets, depending on their journeys. Once you get to the basics of understanding answers to questions like what are the needs of the customers in a particular bucket, or at which stage of the customer’s journey will the personalization be more helpful, it becomes easier for you to determine how you can promote your content and business to them.

Use technologies to collect customer information and increase efficiency.
Once considered futuristic, AI and ML have become a thing of the moment now. These technologies are now extensively used for data mining to help understand your customers better, helping to automate repetitive tasks. AI and ML enabled software can also put forward smart suggestions towards performance improvement.

Track results from Search Engine Optimization.
Ensure not to limit your SEO techniques defined within the parameters of organic ranking and click data. You need to ensure Omni-channel and interdepartmental measurement to understand customer reach better. For this, you need to have sufficient budget and the right resources.

Keep evolving your SEO techniques.
With the changing consumer market, accountability has been narrowed down to just the customer base. However, it is to note that, along with the more evolved consumer base, SEO strategies need to evolve as well. This is because search engines keep on changing their algorithms, thus making it imperative for you to stay alert and update your SEO techniques for a better customer reach and experience.

2019 looks like having the most potential to deliver results once your SEO techniques are customer-oriented. So make sure to make your content more lucrative as well as accessible for all sections of your consumer base, for better business growth.

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