ASO soon to rule over SEO

Search Engine Optimization has long been at the crux of gaining dominance over piles and piles of data churned out by the search engines. However, the recent practice of appification of almost everything around seems to have turned the table to another end. Put simply, content creators now should focus on optimizing content for App Store. The age of ASO (App Store Optimization) has dawned in to change the game.

App Search Optimization ( ASO )

Apps play a major role these days in taking content to customers. And this has fueled the importance of ASO big time. However, at present, since the process is still in its nascent stage, all ASO practices are on a trial & error mode. But still, the market shows immense potential for the rise of ASO in near future.

As per the market experts, despite the baby stage of App Store Optimization at present, it’s obvious that ASO will soon take over SEO. Now, certainly, the web world will always be important yet digital entertainment would see a huge shift to mobile very soon. A large number of mobile-only & mobile-first startups have popped up already and are all set to redefine the current trend.

Mobile Application Optimization

“ASO is our ‘new’ SEO today, thanks to the dramatically rising market of mobile apps. In fact, the market of mobile applications represents the fastest rising market ever”, stated Mikael Cho, the man behind a new app discovery company Ooomf.

A part of accelerator program at Montreal Startup Weekend, Ooomf has been conducting the private beta stage since the month of April.

“We understand the challenge of ranking higher in the app stores at present. Everybody is looking to be another Instagram”, Cho added in.

“The competition is so huge that if an app is unable to make its place at the top of app stores in its initial couple of weeks, it will only drown into the pile of app graveyard.”

Mobile App Store Optimization ( ASO )

Cho and his team aim to help developers to optimize their mobile applications for discovery. Ooomf will support with all the needed tools like easy connection with target users, a web-based landing page and so on.

Tapstream is another startup working to help with app discovery via analytics. Interestingly, the startup was founded to address its developers’ difficulty in enhancing the visibility factor for their very own application.

“App stores are over-crowded and it has been preventing us from getting any traction for our own app. We knew we had to do something”, noted Slaven Radic, the co-founder of Tapstream.  The said startup has come up with a  function which enables users to keep tab on the progress of marketing and the interest level of users.

“Apple’s ASO tools are incredibly sophisticated”, added Radic mentioning both the potential and pain for application developers today. At present, optimization for app stores (especially that of Apple) is almost impossible. It only implies that newer apps won’t stand a chance to stand out in the game. The most feasible form of app discovery currently is either trending chart or word-of-the-mouth marketing.

Mobile Marketing

“Umpteen numbers of applications go undiscovered”, remarked Prita Uppal, the founder of new gaming application discovery application company Hooked.

“More than 2 million applications are hovering in the current market which makes it challenging to fish out the options which actually match up with your lifestyle.”

Google Search is known to being withholding regarding search algorithms as well as page ranking systems. However, App Store is even more secretive. So, while it poses a big challenge for the application developers, it has also widened the scope for 3rd party firms to introduce their 3rd party discovery assistance.

As per the experts, to retain their dominance the Apple or Google app stores will have to address a list of things, especially the spam issue. Spambots have been a major issue with Apple which has largely affected downloads. The web world too has seen such similar issues and all these have only broadened the gates for third-party application discovery companies.

In fact, Cho himself has predicted that the focus will shift from Apple’s App Store and Google Play in the coming 3-5 years. Soon, we will witness 3rd party companies gaining prominence with support for app discovery, better engagement & smarter recommendation algorithms.

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