A Simple Guide to Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a continuous process that involves optimizing your site to become user and search engine friendly. If done correctly, your site will start ranking on the search result and eventually climb to the top through consistent SEO efforts. SEO is not a one-time effort as it requires constant tuning and tweaking of the site to meet the changing algorithm of the search engine.



Why Do You Need to SEO Optimize Your Site?

Search engines nowadays can crawl the web more efficiently than before but there is still a limit in this. SEO can help the search engine to figure out your site. If you optimize your site properly, it will surely start to get organic traffic and the traffic will increase to thousands of visitors per month over time.

Using improper techniques to optimize your site can result in it being hidden in the search result. It is hard to rank on the search engine as it is filled with a lot of competitors. More and more keywords are being dominated by the big companies on the web so that new websites can no longer rank for them.  These big companies usually hire SEO companies to help them optimize their sites.

Many webmasters claim they know SEO but they only know the basics. Your SEO knowledge can improve as you create websites and do on site/off site SEO work to promote them. There are also free SEO courses which you can sign up on the web.  You may want to hire an SEO company to take care of the SEO part of your website if you don’t have enough time to commit.

Online Rank

How Does the Search Engine Rank Your Site?

To allow the search engine to crawl your site, you need to have links that are pointing to your site from third-party sites. The links can be from third-party sites like social bookmarking site, guest post. Link is like a vote for a page. The more inbound links the site has, the more popular the search engine deems the site to be.  This is based on the assumption of more inbound links equal to higher user experience. Nowadays, search engine has strict rules on how you can obtain backlinks. You can’t purchase paid links as it is a violation of Google rules. Google provides a form for people to report webmasters that purchase links.

Link building is only one factor that determines your site ranking. There are many other factors taken into account by the search engine algorithm which can affect your ranking. The search engines have never fully revealed the ranking factors that they use in their algorithms. However, they did provide a general guide that teaches webmasters how to rank their sites.


Google Webmaster Guidelines

According to Google webmaster guidelines, you must make the site for the users and avoid the practice of cloaking. The site must have a clear hierarchy and users must not click more than 3 levels of links to reach the destination page. Keywords should be included in strategic places all over your site including body, title, h2 subheadings, image attributes, and anchor texts.

The site should be filled with useful information that is helpful for the users. Longer content that is more than 1,300 words can help you to rank better. Each page must be labeled with meta-data information including Meta title, and Meta description.

If you have pictures on the site, make sure you tag them with the proper alt attributes. The URLs must be well formatted with URL strings that human can read and understand. There must be only one version of content on your site. If there is a duplicate content, you must create a 301 redirect to redirect it.


Bing Webmaster Guidelines

Bing webmaster guidelines advise not to use too much flash on the site as flash tends to hide links and prevent them from being crawled. Your content must be optimized with the keywords that people are looking for. It advises webmasters to regularly provide unique and informational content.

Text in the image cannot be indexed, for example, you should not include your company slogan in the logo image. If you want the text in the image to be indexed, you must write it in the image alt or description or incorporate it into the post content. It is important to follow the webmaster guidelines when you are optimizing your site for each search engine.

All black hat SEO techniques should be avoided as they can decrease your trust factor. Once your site has obtained the trust factor, you don’t want to just stop there but continue to provide good quality content for your users. Doing so can result in many benefits for your website including growth in website traffic, higher quality links, and better retention rate.


In conclusion, SEO is a long process that requires dedication and your patience. You should hire an SEO company if you feel you cannot dedicate yourself to doing the SEO chores. They can help you to monitor your site performance and make necessary tweaks to maintain the ranking on the search result.

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